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Video Promotions (Pvt) Ltd is a television production house based in Harare. The organisation has been operating since May 1982. VP has produced hundreds of TV programmes, including documentaries, commercials, infomercials and corporate videos. We also cover corporate videos, launches, conferences, training videos, functions and special occasions. By that virtue, the company enjoys a good reputation in the electronic media industry.

The organisation filmed the semi-reality TV series, Superstar 2002 and A-Academy 2006 and 2007. We also produced the Believers’ Broadcasting Network that showed on ZTV in 2007. Video Promotions has also filmed the Chibuku Road to Fame on several occasions, in addition to producing several programmes that have been broadcast by ZBC. One example is The Chefs Showdown of 2004. Furthermore, we have done corporate and training videos as well as commercials for various clients in both the private and public sectors. The African Food Adventure, another Video Promotion’s Production is showing on DSTV. :::::: To play our videos you need latest version of FLV player/shockwave, Click here to Download

Featured Videos

Traditional Dancers


The African Food Adventure is a 13-part series that trails our host Roger as he travels throughout the scenic backdrop of wildest Africa and modern day suburbia. He learns African conception on how to prepare game meat and the rare delicacies of African cuisine while showing the viewers who dare to try and prepare the unthinkable.

The show has a Chef who prepares a meal of his choice explaining every step of the way how and what he is doing to the host who translates and simplifies some of the local languages and dialects into English.

The programme starts with a naturistic background on what is being cooked for example if a crocodile tail is being cooked we give general information on Crocodile and what other parts are edible besides the tail.

The second segment then takes you a bit into the scenery and adventure before settling down to step by step preparation by the Chef as he shows off his culinary expertise.The third segment ends the show with random picked tasters who are either food buffs or just trying something new and different.This is in line with promoting Southern African cuisine to the world at large in preparation for the World cup.

Discover Africa series

Discover Africa is a series of anthropological documentaries shot from within the heart of Africa. The rogramme
grows from Zimbabwe, where the producing company, Video Promotions, is based. The series, however, has a scope stretching beyond the borders of Zimbabwe hence the ‘Africa’ aspect in the title. Discover Africa is a visual journey across Africa.The programmes under the series cover a myriad of amazing socio-cultural and geographical themes. The series depicts some extraordinary practices in the way Africans interact, co-exist, and adapt to their environment. It also captures some breathtaking geographical and historical features that make the continent a hub of tourism.

Victoria Falls
This is a typical tourist video on the magical Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. It affords the viewer a close to real view of this world heritage site. This programme shows the falls from the air, from the edge, from both the Zimbabwe and the Zambia sides. The viewer is invited to discover this great wonder of creation. This episode shows the various fun and games to be experienced by those visiting the Falls. Bungee jumping, gorge swing, white water rafting, canoeing and flying fox are some forms of entertainment available to visitors- and all this is amply captured in the programme.

Art & Craft

This programme looks at the visual arts industry in Zimbabwe. It shows various artists at work as well as some of the cultural products displayed and sold in some of Zimbabwe’s galleries. The episode focuses on stone and metal sculpture, painting, batik printing, basket weaving and pottery, among other forms of art. It unveils the secret behind artist’s conceptualisation of art. It also tells on the administration of the visual arts industry in the country.


To play our videos you need latest version of FLV player/shockwave, Click here to Download

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